Heroes are friends, colleagues, and mentors who have inspired us to launch Camp Unplugg’d. Whether it be a web developer taking time to create our design, a friend driving up to take awesome photos, or a buddy who stood by us these past few years, we want to acknowledge their contribution to our launching our dream. We are truly grateful for everyone’s support.

Mentors & Collaborators


Señor Chavez

Mighty Mouse met Chavez when she was taking one of his Global Entrepreneurship classes at Thunderbird. She thought, “Wow, this guy…. he’s gonna blow up nationally and internationally someday.” Chavez has been an influential instructor, mentor, colleague, and shalom-gnome creator. He helped Mighty Mouse to not jump off a cliff when she created and collaborated to launch Thunder Camp.  He doesn’t know it yet, he’ll probably get more calls like this for Camp Unplugg’d. That’s why he’s awesome. #TeamChavez: www.senorchavez.com


Lil' Buddha

Mighty Mouse met Lil’ Buddha through Senor Chavez and has been an incredible supporter of her entrepreneurial endeavors. Whether it be orchestrating his own vision from scratch, designing the coolest process-improvement whiteboards, or helping to build the Camp Unplugg’d brand through the digital world, Lil’ Buddha is full of peace and Serenity Now. #Seinfeld1997.  




DJ Elliot

Mighty Mouse met DJ Elliot when working for another major mouse :)  With over 20 years of experience, DJ Elliot can liven up a crowd at any age, demographic, or comicon character.  He leads crowds with interactive entertainment and can mix the perfect set both on land at sea. Last time we spoke he was w**king with some guy that rhymes with Meil-Shmatrick-Parris.



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For corporate sponsorships and media inquiries, please contact Mighty Mouse directly: Arian@campunpluggd.com