"What do you do?"

It is the first question asked at any social event, cocktail party and place where Americans gather. I say Americans because most of us associate our job with our identity, unlike other parts of the world. When someone asks us what we “do,” we will usually answer with our title and company. I am personally guilty of asking the question and responding to the answer listing my job responsibilities.

However, I am confident a lot of us want to be remembered for more than how we get our paycheck each day. I know my good friend Maria doesn’t want to be known as just an insurance agent, but a good wife and mother, excellent painter, loyal friend, and avid dog lover.

Which is why I founded Camp Unplugg’d. It is an environment where you are free to be yourself, and there is no judgment based on what you do, whom you know, or how you can advance your career…because there is no work talk allowed. We take a weekend to pursue our passions, whether it be hiking, painting, horseback riding, or simply reconnecting with old friends.

 Instead of asking the “do” question, I challenge you to pause and say, “Tell me about yourself.” It takes some getting used to, but after a few times, you will notice people tend to open up more. And, in the situation where someone asks YOU the “do” question, you are welcome to use my answer: ” “It depends on the day.” Which is true for all of us.